The Big Day

Date And Time

Saturday, August 24, 2013, 5:00pm


Minneapolis Farmer’s Market Annex
200 E Lyndale Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55405


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Fantastically Awesome Wedding Party People

Most Awesome Bridal Sidekick – Sarah: Amelia and Sarah have been best friends for 12 years after meeting in The Reflective Woman class at St. Kate’s. They’ve been through eating Nachos Bel Grande and cake batter ice cream out of the container together; having survived that, they could take on the world. Amelia refers to Sarah as her Jiminy Cricket in life and couldn’t imagine celebrating this day without her.

Bridal Sidekick – Shawn: Shawn and Amelia have realized they are kindred spirits in ways that often make their partners shake their heads in disbelief. They also share a love of hard headed rescue dogs with emotional challenges.

The Awesomest Son Two Ladies Could Ask For – Ash: The first time Wendy and Ash met, he searched her pockets with a metal detector. The second time, he wanted to go home with her so bad that he got stuck in the back of her car. He’s now a 16 year old sophomore in high school with a 3.5 GPA. Amelia’s raised him to be an independent thinking, knowledge craving kid, with a kind and compassionate heart, making it easy for Wendy to fall in love with him, too.

Best First Mate of Honor – Jenni: Jenni and Wendy met on the internet and shared a love for anything inappropriate and boobs. (The boob thing was charity-related.) The list of things they’ve accomplished is huge and includes things like lighting a cruise ship on fire, jumping off a 1148 foot tall building, dancing on picnic tables and stealing bar stools from local dive bars. Jenni and Wendy could win a gold metal in ocean floating. There’s more. It’s just un-publishable. But extremely awesome.

Dreamboat (via Iowa) – Ani: Ani was a performer at a club in the night when Amelia and Wendy realized just how awesome Ani was. That was in 2008. Since then, there’s been more drag shows, dog park visits, brunches, softball games. Ani has been Amelia’s personal stop-smoking cheerleader and absolutely slaughtered Wendy the one and only time they played Halo 3 together. They also both identify as Divas.

Dreamboat (via South Dakota) – Matt: Matt’s is Wendy’s brother from another mother. They were just passing friends that shared common interests in basketball teams from the 1990s, but once Jenni and Matt started dating, they became much better friends. They share the same sense of humor, impeccable fashion sense and can also do tripods (the headstand kind). Matt and Wendy have played soccer on the high seas of the Caribbean and drank from a half full beer cup on a corner in St. Paul. They’re pals.

Official Security/Bouncer – Clara Jane
Clara Jane and Wendy have been pals since 2004 (when she was born); Amelia and Clara Jane met in 2008. The three of them have been perfecting the funniest faces in the world ever since.