About Us



  • Favorite Color: Kelly Green
  • Lucky Number: 23
  • Memorable Movie Line: “Holla. City of Squalor!” and “Not today! Not on Rex Manning Day!”
  • Highest Bowling Score: 204
  • Favorite Food: Pizza and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs/Pumpkins/Christmas Trees
  • Hobbies: DIY crafts, reading and trying to convince Wendy to sell it all and live in a Volkswagon van.
  • Favorite Minnesota Lynx: Seimone Augustus
  • Nickname for Wendy: Babe.
  • First Pet: An Australian Shepherd named Callie.
  • First Car: A green 1974 Chevy Malibu with a leatherette top.


  • Favorite Color: Red, bright blue and green
  • Lucky Number: 23
  • Memorable Movie Line: “Not at the table, Carlos” and “How do you like them apples?”
  • Highest Bowling Score: 223
  • Favorite Food: Nachos and anything else with melted cheese or cheese byproduct all over it.
  • Hobbies: SPORTS, taking photos, buying t-shirts, thinking of travel
  • Favorite Minnesota Lynx: Rebekkah Brunson and Lindsay Whalen
  • Nickname for Amelia: Muppethead.
  • First Pet: A white male poodle named Bambi.
  • First Car: An white extended bed Chevy S-10 that she shared with her dad.



Now, Wendy and Amelia live in North Minneapolis. They share their home with a 15 year old manchild, a white boxer, a moody tomcat, and a tiny puppy. Spare time activities include thrift store shopping, Minnesota Lynx games, camping with friends, watching movies, trying new recipes and taking the mutts to the dog park.

How We Met

Amelia and Wendy had gotten to know one another over the internet, like all the cool kids were doing back in 2006, exchanging email pleasantries from time to time. It wasn’t until early spring of 2008 that they finally met in person. Wendy was at a local watering hole/pub/saloon/fine evening establishment with a pal, watching a drag show. Amelia was at this same location and happened to be on a date. She worked up the courage to saunter on over to Wendy, with her date in tow, to say, “Hey, aren’t you Wendy from the internet?”

That wasn’t the first time something like that had happened to Wendy in a public place, so after exchanging a few friendly words, she extended an invitation to Amelia of: “Here. Feel my butt. It’s really hard”. That suave response led to thousands of text messages being exchanged, multiple trips to the dog park and what would eventually lead to…

The Proposal (in pictures)